Data Replication & Archiving

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Secure, dependable, compliant data management.

The proliferation of data sources across your organization is a hard and fast reality. While it may complicate the lives of the IT team, it is the nature of the game to ensure agility and responsiveness to market pressures. Fortunately, there are solutions available to help overcome the associated challenges and minimize the silo effect.

Data Replication

Data replication service provides a reliable way to access data when you need to minimize the impact of business intelligence and analytics on your core system or infrastructure. The CONNX data replication solution is a dependable, low-impact method of creating an accurate and up-to-date copy of your single- or multiple-source data. Your replicated database can then be deployed with confidence to any who need access, wherever and whenever they work.

Data Archiving

Regularly scheduled archiving of core data has many benefits:

  • Proactively manage the growth of your core systems.
  • Keep your core systems operating at peak performance.
  • Adhere to industry and regulatory compliance guidelines
  • Take advantage of emerging storage options including on- and off-site backup and cloud storage.


The CONNX data archiving solutions puts you in complete control, with flexible configurations of archiving and retention rules, data relocation and storage. Your data remains accessible through the original application or through any analytics tools you have in place.

Data Replication & Archiving

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