Mobilize.Net combines proven automation to convert 95% of your code to new modern platforms.

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Modernization Solutions

Learn how you can migrate your legacy apps for a fraction of the cost of rewriting them.

other legacy platforms

ASP Upgrade Companion

The ASP Upgrade Companion (ASPUC) greatly simplifies the complex migration process from ASP 1.0 to ASP.NET source files (.aspx).

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J2EE to .NET

Increase performance and reduce costs by moving from J2EE to .NET.

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Informix 4GL to Java

Accelerate the migration of your Informix 4GL assets to Java while reducing risk and cost.

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Unisys Linc to J2EE

Convert your Linc/EAE 4GL applications to J2EE with Mobilize.Net proven automated migration technology.

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I really liked the reference mapping capability; there’s so much new stuff in .NET, and this feature worked great for us, allowing us to significantly shorten the learning curve. Thank you for having such a great product

Jeffrey Cole,

Chief Operating Officer, Hine Automation, LLC

Mobilize.Net WebMAP is a great example of how our key partners are creating practical and innovative solutions that customers can use to solve challenging, real-world problems.

Shawn Nandi,

Sr Director, Cloud App Development, Data & AI Marketing
Automated migration technology for Visual Basic 6.0, Silverlight, PowerBuilder, .NET and more. Give us a call at 425-609-8458.