Need a VBUC license file?



If you landed on this page you most probably have tried to install our Visual Basic Upgrade Companion but either you:

  • Do not have the required license file to enable the VB6 to .NET conversion process
  • Have an expired license
  • Require a bigger license to convert your entire application

How to get a VBUC license file 

So, there are basically 2 ways to obtain a VBUC license:


A trial license allows activating the VBUC for evaluation purposes.
It grants access to all the features of the tool, though limited by the amount of lines of code you will be able to convert, and the generated VB.NET or C# code cannot be deployed.


The VBUC is licensed per application, and pricing is based on the amount of lines of code to convert and the desired target language (VB.NET or C#).

You can get a trial license or purchase the VBUC online.

Please note that In both cases, the correspondent license file (VBUC.lic) will be sent to you via email right after you submit the required information, so please make sure that you add the domain to the “allowed list” on your spam filter settings.

If you already have the VBUC installed you don’t need to download and run the installer again. Just save the aforementioned license file in the installation folder and then use the tool’s browser dialog to locate it when asked for it.

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