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Mobilize.Net offers CONNX data access for data migration needs.

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DataSync, InstantdbSync and Database Adapters



DataSync: Database Synchronization Software

Keep data up-to-date without impacting performance.

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InstantdbSync: Real-time Data Synchronization

Real-time data replication, synchronization, and change data capture.

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DB Adapters: Database Drivers for Legacy Data

Database drivers for mainframe, mid-tier, desktop or cloud systems.

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Other CONNX Products

CONNX creates data access, data movement (ETL), streaming analytics and solutions for big data, the cloud, relational and non-relational databases. CONNX is leading provider of simplified real-time data access, data replication, change data capture (CDC), data management, data virtualization, data migration and data integration tools.

Mobilize is pleased to offer the entire CONNX product line:

CONNX - Simplified SQL Data Access to Any DB


InfoNaut - Enterprise Desktop Query and Reporting Platforms

Add-on Pro for Excel - Access data quicker and easier to any data source with Excel


KPiSync - Visual Key Business Metrics

Transformation - Seamless Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)


Add-on for SSIS - Add CDC & Extend SSIS to over 150 sources


Web Enablement- Secure E-Commerce and Cloud Integration