Preserves your code investment. 

The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC) converts your VB6 code to C# or VB.NET, the runtime to .NET 3.5, and updates all the forms to Windows forms. You get a modern client-server Windows app without a rewrite. Endorsed by Microsoft, VBUC generates 100% native code without third party runtimes and dependencies. Just run the migration tool and you'll get clean, human-readable source code with all your symbol names and comments preserved.

Accelerate the code conversion process. VBUC reduces the amount of manual coding and generates a native .NET application that is equivalent to the original VB6 system.

Let us help you migrate from VB6 to .NET

A few minutes with a migration engineer can make all the difference. VBUC creates 100% native .NET code and requires manual work before it will compile.  Spend a few minutes with an expert Mobilize.Net migration engineer who can help you understand .NET error messages.

Learn more about VBUC

The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion (VBUC) includes powerful options to accelerate the code conversion process. VBUC reduces the amount of manual coding and generates a native .NET application that is equivalent to the original VB6 system. Learn more

Is your organization still using VB6 and currently looking to:

Move away from an unsupported platform. 
According to Microsoft's official Product Family Lifecycle Guidelines, as of March 2008 Visual Basic 6.0 reached its end of life. Support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014. This means your VB6 apps may be vectors for attacks. Unless you can detach them from all external connections (ie network) you may be vulnerable to malware or cybercrime.

Preserve and leverage the application’s capital investment. 
Guarantee business continuity by losing or replacing applications that have been customized to meet specific business needs. VBUC will "lift and shift" your debugged business logic code and algorithms to .NET, eliminating the need to extensively test IP that has enduring value.

Reduce development, maintenance and deployment costs.
Take advantage of a large number of reusable components included with the .NET Framework, enabling easier configuration and coexistence of shared libraries.

Break scalability & future evolution constraints. 
Applications in legacy platforms have little chance of being enhanced to take advantage of new technologies such as web, mobile and cloud.

Address compliance issues. 
Industry, legal and internal policies and regulations, like Sarbanes-Oxley, force many companies to move their applications away from unsupported platforms.

Ensure time to market. 
Meet market demands, maintain competitive advantage or expand your product portfolio or services offerings in a timely manner.

The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion allows you to:

Cost-effectively convert your application to either C# or VB.NET 
About 80% savings versus a manual rewrite and 60% versus other tools.

Accelerate your VB6 to .NET migration 
Lower your project timeframe up to 4 times less than other solutions.

Reduce project risks 
Our non-disruptive highly automated tool preserves all the business rules embedded in the code and the value of the original application.

Take advantage of the new platform features 
Generate 100% native VB.NET or C# code, easy to maintain and evolve. No ties to proprietary third-party runtimes that deprive you of all the benefits of the .NET Framework.

Extend and customize the migration tool based on your needs 
The VBUC already has about 30 million rules based on years of experience in real migration projects. However, support can be added for more legacy components, and existing features can be enhanced to comply with enterprise coding standards. Many of these changes can be done using the VBUC's mapping functionality, but more complex extensions are added through highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence customizations that can't be simply reproduced by a GUI or "add-your-own-rules" wizard.

Keep making changes to the VB6 source during the migration 
ArtinSoft’s continuous migration methodology allows for the source Visual Basic 6 code to be updated during the migration project, so you can keep developing and maintaining your original application while it is being upgraded to .NET. This process allows the re-migration of the source code integrating changes without losing any manual adjustments already applied to the converted code, keeping both codebases in sync.