WebMAP preserves your investment in existing applications and transforms them to web and mobile versions – without costly runtimes.

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How does it work?

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Automation strips out Windows UI code and converts it to HTML/JS; backend code is converted to Web server, leaving business logic intact. Result? A new web application based on modern, maintainable source code.

Your App. New. Again.

Many users are shackled to aging PC platforms by legacy VB and C# .NET apps, blocked from the promise of cloud and mobile. WebMAP changes that. Now you can modernize legacy apps to a modern web app architecture, without runtimes. Re-use valuable IP from proven application assets as part of a complete mobile, cloud, and SOA strategy for the future.

WebMAP slashes developer-years off the task of mobilizing your VB6 or C#/Winforms apps to run on mobile devices connected to the cloud.

  • Fast: Rewriting from scratch is risky, expensive, and lengthy. Automated migration can slash time and costs.
  • Efficient: Automated migration quickly stands up a new version of existing capabilities; let your team focus on extending and enhancing instead of re-doing.
  • Low Risk: WebMAP conversions minimize software defects and “feature creep”, two primary causes of project failure in manual rewrites of proven, working code.