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WebMap-LogoConvert Desktop C# to Modern Web Apps with Blazor

Legacy C# to Blazor: The Evolution Your Desktop Apps Need

If you've built applications using C#, you've already harnessed the power and flexibility of the language. But the digital landscape is shifting. Users now demand web-based access to applications, from any device, anywhere. It's time to bring your desktop C# applications into the modern era with Blazor. 


Migrate Me to Blazor!

WebMAP Boosts Digital Transformation

WebMAP is the bridge that brings your powerful C# apps to the web. It's more than a migration tool - it's a catalyst for innovation. Uncover new possibilities for your applications, expand your reach and delight your users with modern, interactive web experiences.

Streamline Your Migration with WebMAP for Blazor

Migrating your desktop C# applications to Blazor is a daunting prospect. 


  • That's where WebMAP comes in. Here's how it simplifies the process: 
  • Automated Conversion: Automatically converts your existing C# code into Blazor components, accelerating the migration process.  
  • Preserves Business Logic: Ensures your core application logic remains intact, minimizing the need for extensive rewriting. 
  • Readable, Maintainable Code: Generates clean, well-structured Blazor code that's easy to understand and maintain.
  • Reduced Manual Effort: Significantly reduces the time and effort required for migration, freeing your developers to focus on optimization and feature enhancement. 
  • Future-Proof Your Apps: Modernize your applications, making them more accessible, adaptable and secure. 

What Changes Can You Expect?

  • Project Structure: Shift from a desktop project structure to a Blazor web application structure.
  • UI Adaptation: Desktop UI elements will be transformed into their Blazor web counterparts.
  • Event Handling: Modify event handling mechanisms for the web environment.
  • Deployment: Learn to deploy your new Blazor apps to web servers 
Blazor: Web Apps, Reimagined
Blazor is a revolutionary framework that makes it seamless for C# and .NET developers to create interactive web applications:
  • Familiar C# Environment: Leverage your existing C# skills and knowledge. No need to learn JavaScript.
  • Full .NET Integration: Tap into the vast ecosystem of .NET libraries and tools you already know and love.
  • Interactive Web UIs: Create dynamic, responsive user interfaces that rival the best JavaScript frameworks,
  • Performance and Scalability: Blazor delivers high-performance web apps that scale to meet your needs.
  • Component-Based Architecture: Build modular, reusable components for easier maintenance and future development. 


Automation cuts risk and time

Our AI-assisted cloud application migration tools cut project workload by 4X. Tamper-free business logic migration reduces overall defect risk. Optional fixed-price projects eliminate financial risk.

Built on familiar standards to a modern web app

Code you’ll understand, built with C#, HTML, Angular, CSS, ASP.NET Core, and more. No magic runtimes, no long-term costs like with virtualization. You get new code you can use.