Automated migration to native .NET code or Web

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Automated migration to native .NET code

Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 8.1


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Call us at +1.425.609.8458 to talk to a migration engineer about your project or post your questions in our forums. 

Note:  Even the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion can't do everything; some manual work will be required after initial conversion. 

Download over 20MB of sample code for you to play with, including:

      • Controls: a VB6 app showing a variety of controls that you can migrate with the trial version of the VBUC.
      • Salmon King Seafood (SKS): a VB6 ERP system for a fictional seafood wholesale company. Comes with the following versions:
        • VB6 version with Microsoft Access database (*.mdb file)
        • C#/.NET version after migration with VBUC (you can run the same migration with the trial)
        • Modern web version using ASP.NET Core and Angular on the client. This was migrated with WebMAP.
Please don't be discouraged if your converted code doesn't compile without manual changes–this is normal, and our expert migration engineers are here to help.

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Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 8.1