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The CONNX Adabas Module provides secure, real-time, read/write, SQL access to Adabas data sources on OS/390, z/OS, VSE, z/Linux, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and Windows Operating Systems via .NET, ODBC, OLE DB, and JDBC with connectivity through TCP/IP.


Join Adabas with Multiple Data Sources

In conjunction with other products in the CONNX suite, you can perform seamless joins between two or more supported disparate databases using ODBC, OLE DB, .NET and JDBC. CONNX for Adabas access is fast and efficient. With CONNX, a single metadata model can be created that spans all enterprise data sources and applications requiring data access. The result is an enterprise-wide view of data that provides a reusable standards-based frame- work for information access. To the user or application, data appears as if it existed in a single federated relational database.

SQL & CONNX for Adabas

CONNX supports ANSI SQL (Insert, Up- date, Select, and Delete); group by, dis- tinct, aggregate (AVG, MIN, MAX, SUM, and COUNT), and all substring, string, date, conversion, and math functions. Nested inner and outer left/right joins are supported, as well as subqueries and correlated subqueries. CONNX also supports Unions and Insert/Select.


CONNX supports the creation of views, which facilitate hiding table relationships from the end user. CONNX Views facili- tate the creation of heterogeneous joins between multiple disparate databases.

Data Conversions

CONNX supports over 600 data types and performs bi-directional data conversions for data updates and retrieves.

Metadata Import

CONNX for Adabas imports Predict data dictionaries/ Natural DDMs through a SYSTRANS extract into the CONNX Data Dictionary, providing access to Adabas long field names and enabling the creation of reports using any of a number of standard reporting tools. CONNX for Adabas also imports Adabas metadata directly from Dynamic DDL and FDT into a CONNX Data Dictionary file (CDD). CONNX creates virtual tables to represent MU (multi-value) and PEs (periodic groups), placing a relational model on the Adabas data. CONNX allows the use of special version create table SQL grammar to describe the table layout.

Popular Program Access

As with all databases supported by CONNX, CONNX for Adabas has been tested with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Visu- al Studio, including Visual Basic/C++, etc., Delphi, PowerBuilder, Impromptu, Report- NET, Lotus Approach, Crystal Reports and vendors such as Cognos and Business Objects. CONNX for Adabas also supports ADO and ASP.NET, and JDBC is used with Websphere and Apache Tomcat.



ODBC Full Compliance (level 2) ; JDBC Type 3 Driver; OLE DB 2.5 Driver; NET 2.0 Driver and above

Security Preserved and Extended

The CONNX Data Dictionary provides additional field and table-level encryptable security by group or user, ensuring the security of sensitive information. CONNX also supports row level security with CONNX Views. Additionally, the CONNX Data Dictionary is encrypted to secure sensitive information.

Support of…

Multiple record layouts as produced by Natural; Adabas data stored in different code language pages; and ENTIRENET- WORK support for Adabas.




· Federate with other relational, non-relational, net- worked, hierarchical, object, and flat-file database information through a single, easy-to-use, SQL-based interface.

· Data at your fingertips – anything from legacy data to recently added content to application information – anytime, anywhere.

· A reusable standards-based framework for information access that drastically lowers the short and long-term costs usually associated with complex enterprise data solutions.

· Boosts productivity and efficiency of end users and application builders by connecting different functions within the enterprise.

· Shortens development time on projects using open standards

· Improves time to market.

· Provides  cost-effectiveness.

· Preserves initial investment.

· Access from Microsoft Windows, Unix and Linux productivity tools, database applications, and development environments.

· Enhances flexibility for database use in a multitude of OS environments and BI tools.

· Proven scalability, supporting any number of client machines.

· Compatible with any .NET- ODBC-, OLE DB-, or JDBC compliant application.

· Enables use of open standards interfaces with in- vestment protection.

· Minimizes resource utilization

· Utilizes current infrastructures with no additional cost.

· Open-platform technology that integrates with existing systems so you can manage them with ease.

· Extends the functionality and life of existing architecture.

· Windows, Unix and Linux client support.

· Supports existing IT infrastructure at no additional cost.

· Field and record level protection.

· Provides maximum levels of data security

· Heterogeneous joins for the creation of reports that consolidate data spanning multiple data sources.

· Maintains integrity of data.

· Real-time read/write access to data.

· Enhances flexibility.

· Multiple views support.

· Extensive data type conversion support.

· Flexible data format and storage.

· Minimizes complexity for end users.

· Comes bundled with the CONNX InfoNaut querying and reporting tool that enables users to instantly view their data.

· Easy to install and use

· Standard version of InfoNaut included with CONNX.




Adabas architecture




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