Live demo - see how to webify an app


See it yourself!

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How much will it cost?

Automated migration is faster and less expensive than a manual rewrite. You can use our handy calculator to see what your app will cost if you start from scratch here.

Watch a demo of WebMAP, the fastest route from Windows desktop to the Web

You've got old code; you want new code. You've got apps trapped on Windows desktops that yearn to be free of their shackles, they cry out to run on a browser, on a tablet, on a smartphone.  But how? 

WebMAP, that's how. WebMAP uses the latest in machine learning technology to automatically transform your C#/Winforms code to a modern Web application with ASP.NET/MVC SPA back end and a rich HTML UI featuring your choice of Kendo UI (for a Windows look & feel) or AngularJS with Bootstrap (modern, responsive design). Either way you get a clean, new app with no dependencies on runtimes or browser plug-ins.

 See it in action!

Here's a captioned (no sound) demo starting with VB6, converting the app to .NET, and then running the resulting .NET app through WebMAP to create a modern Web architecture. Finally, we publish it to the cloud and see it on a tablet.