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WebMap - What happens if my application readiness is low

by Will Vasquez, on Nov 6, 2015 8:37:44 AM

Sometimes we find some of our users are unclear as to what the "Overall Readiness" chart means.

If you haven't used WebMap, this is the first chart you see when you use the assessment tool to analyze your C# application, it looks like this:

Image of what your assessment tool should look like to analyze your C# application

What this chart represents is the different Properties, Methods and Events of Microsoft or Third Party libraries used by your application. 

Red means that we have analyzed those components and they don't have a direct equivalent or don't make any sense in a Web environment. For example, if your application accesses the Windows Registry to store/retrieve some information there's no single right way to have a similar functionality in a Web Server. This becomes an element that a developer will have to replace once the automatic migration is done.

Green represents components that we know and have been mapped to equivalent components in the target environment (HTML+JS components for visual elements or other server-side components for logic elements).

Yellow is for elements that either we haven't seen before or that we don't support yet but could support.

As you can imagine, the number of different components used by .NET WinForms applications is huge and in order to convert a component from WinForms to HTML5 using a modern web architecture (which is the main goal of WebMap) we need to create different "mappings" for each component, these mappings will define how each one of the Properties, Methods and Events (PMEs) of the components is generated in the Web application.

WebMap has support for the most commonly used WinForms components (both Microsoft and 3rd Party components), and more mappings are added every week.

Even though some manual work is expected when you migrate any application using WebMap (some related to unsupported components and some due to differences in the platforms, things such as registry or filesystem access for example), we are allowing users with applications that have at least 80% of their PMEs supported by WebMap.

If the support is lower than that arbitrary threshold we can still convert the application but we would like to have a session with the users to explain the results and discuss alternatives for those elements not supported automatically already.

Please fill out our contact form if you'd like to talk more about your application and how we can customize our tools to get your application to the Web faster than with any other solution.

- Will



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