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Surprising new data on mobile application development

by John Browne, on Oct 24, 2013 3:06:00 PM

The folks over at VisionMobile have updated their Developer Economics survey with some interesting changes since last year in mobile application development trends and plans. Herewith are a few nuggets:

    • 84% of mobile developers use iOS, Android, or HTML5 as their main platform; only 4.5% are targeting Windows Phone.
    • Even though Android has 4x as many shipping devices than iOS, developers use iOS as their main development platform over Android by 59% to 49%.
    • Although when you ask developers what they are GOING to target, over 40% say Windows Phone; in reality only 21.5% use it as their primary dev platform.
    • It's not the programming language that's a barrier to adoption, it's the API. 
    • 1 in 5 devs are either currently targeting or plan to target TVs; 93% currently target smartphones and 70% now target tablets.
    • If you're a little bewildered by the plethora of frameworks, platforms, and tools that have sprung up to help you do mobile development, you're not alone: over 200 different startups in the space have emerged since 2009.
    • The smart money in the Yukon gold rush stayed in Seattle and sold eggs and shovels to the would-be miners headed north. In this gold rush the equivalent items are user analytics and cross-platform tools.
    • 61% of HTML5 developers target the browser (either a web app or mobile website) while only 27% so far are developing hybrid (ie using PhoneGap or similar) apps. This makes sense when you consider that the vast majority of mobile developers are primarily focused on the consumer marketplace.
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