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Analyze your source code with RapidScan from Mobilize.Net

by John Browne, on Sep 23, 2020 6:00:00 AM

I've got a 1 TB hard drive with a directory called "Projects" that is over 200 GB of stuff, most of which I could probably ditch. I've got VB6, C#/Winforms, ASP.NET, PowerBuilder, and God only knows what else. 

How about you?

Now there's an easy way to at least get a little more insight into this big bunch o' code than just file and folder names. Today you can download our free RapidScan code assessment tool, which will walk a directory tree you point it to and categorize everything it finds in there. 

RapidScan counts files, bytes, and lines of code for file types it recognizes as programming language files. It reports the number of blank lines and comments as well. There's a keyword dictionary that counts known keywords as well.

The data is captured in a simple csv file but we have some data visualization templates that will work with it. For example, here's a graph from the Power BI template my colleague Brandon Carver created:


What's extra cool about this is that over the years we have collected an enormous amount of metadata from code--literally millions and millions of lines of code. We're in the process of building a data warehouse to generate some stats across all that metadata. Soon you'll be able to see how your code compares to our universe of other people's apps, using charts like this:


RapidScan is just the first step in what we expect to be a fully-baked suite of deep static code analysis tools you can use to really get a handle on all that code on your z: drive. 

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