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Ditch VB6 with the "VB6 Migration Jumpstart Guide"

by John Browne, on Apr 19, 2017 7:30:00 AM


Migrating off VB6 has never been more important. Every passing day VB6 gets riskier and more problematic to keep around. 

Millions of lines of Visual Basic 6.0 code still run today, 19 years after the final version shipped. Much of that code started out as a small RAD application or prototype which grew (more by accretion than design) until it became large, unwieldy, and mission critical. We've pulled together the VB6 Migration Jumpstart Guide to address issues with continuing to use and support VB6 applications and examines alternatives for disposing of them. Among the many reasons that VB6 is no longer a good thing to rely on are:

  • Security issues
  • 32 bit performance issues
  • Potential to lose customers because you’re a dinosaur
  • Developers and resources are hard to find and expensive
  • Can’t do anything modern. Can’t take advantage of SaaS interfaces (ie can’t integrate with SFDC, etc.)
  • It’s an obsolete technology out of support
  • And more.

VB6 Migration Jumpstart Guide is packed with useful information to help you decide what to do and how to do it. You'll get:

  • "How to get off VB6" ebook
  • "Why HTML?" ebook
  • Hands-on tutorial for migrating code to the web
  • Helpful blog posts on both strategic and technical issues of migrating off VB6
  • Instructions on how to get a detailed assessment of your code
  • Bonus: story of one ISV who successfully made the jump from VB6 to HTML5.

Get yours today! And don't forget your free trial of the VBUC (now new and improved!).

Jumpstart Off VB6

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