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Help getting SharePoint to the cloud

by John Browne, on Mar 3, 2014 1:00:00 AM

Great news for SharePoint customers. 

Today we’re excited to announce a new assessment tool to help you understand what aspects of your SharePoint and VBA implementations need remediation to move to Office365. Working in conjunction with Microsoft  we’ve created a web portal where you can upload your SharePoint and VBA apps and get a complete analysis of what they consist of, along with guidance and recommendations on what needs to happen to move them to the cloud.

SharePoint LogoSince the introduction of Office365 customers have embraced the benefits of moving to the cloud, but in many cases their SharePoint implementation have been a roadblock. SharePoint is a complex enterprise level collaboration system which can include fully-trusted code and rich applications that don’t easily map to a cloud-based deployment. And, like SharePoint, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) has also been widely deployed in the enterprise and is a potential  stumbling block in moving your company from on-premise to Office365.

The portal itself is a SSL-based secure website where your code remains private; the analysis is all done with automated tools which only collect metadata about files, lines of code, ASP.NET application pages, web parts, libraries, workflows, and more. Running the analysis results in a report that gives you a detailed inventory of your SharePoint and VBA code along with guidance and documentation links to help you plan the migration.

But analysis is only the first step, and in keeping with the tradition at Microsoft to help our customers stay current, we will be also releasing tools to help you with your SharePoint and VBA code migration projects. 

You can try out the analyzer yourself here. Need more help?



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