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WebMAP Issues

Code Issues found Solution display

No Binaries found 

Note: Check if binaries are included in the input folder. 

How to compile my solution? 

  1. In Solution Explorer, choose or open the solution. 
  2. On the menu bar, choose Build, and then choose: 
  3. Build or Build Solution to compile. 

Use Developer command prompt windows 

msbuild myproject.sln or  

msbuild myproject.sln /p:Configuration=Release 



Solution compile in old version.  

Your solution must be compiled in Visual Studio 2005 or newer. 

Check How to compile solution 

AW003 MSbuild tool 2013 requiered

We are available to analyze your c# source code. 
If you want to get more accurate information, please install MSBuild tools 2013. 

Click here to download and install 

VBUC Issues

Code Issues found Solution display

Unable to execute VB6 complete analysis. 


Need to run the application as an administrator 

 How to run as application as an administrator? 

1. Right-click on the application .exe,  
2. Select run as an administrator. 
3. Window will be display. 
4. Select the option “Yes” to allow wizard run as admin 




Missing Microsoft Visual c++ runtime 2010 dependency 

How to install Microsoft Visual c++  runtime 2010? 

Click the following link:  

  • The download starts immediately. 
  • Execute the installer. 
  • Continue with the installation process.