Efficiently migrate your proven business apps to web, mobile and the cloud

Mobilize.Net WebMAP2 slashes man-years off the task of modernizing your VB6 or C#/Winforms apps for web, cloud and mobile.

You can spend your time developing new functionality rather than the drudgery of porting. 

Mobilize.Net's WebMAP solution combines proven automation to convert 95% of your code to HTML5 along with professional services and support to ease the migration process.

Mobilize.Net provides migration services with a fixed price, guaranteed delivery date. With thousands of projects and billions of lines of customer code converted, we have a best-in-class track record of projects delivered on time, on budget, and at quality.
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Let The Experts Write Your Migration Plan

Mobilize.Net offers technology and services to support every stage of your migration process. 

Under the guidance of our expert consultants, the Migration Blueprint program is a 5-day onsite engagement where we develop a complete assessment of the business and technical system environment.

Through a combination of interviews with your team and both automated and manual inspections of your source code, we create an optimized plan for the migration, identify critical issues, and provide recommendations for the target architecture.

We also deliver a fixed-cost proposal and a project schedule. Even if you opt to tackle the actual migration without our help, you'll find the results of the Migration Blueprint program valuable in understanding the scope of the task and the issues you’ll face. Find out more.

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