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Mobilize Compilation Visual Equivalence QA

Mobilize’s delivery models minimize risk and slash time to market compared to rewriting legacy code.

Code Delivery Levels



Code compiles but does not run

Some code is stubbed out

QA and re-engineering of non-conforming items done by your team




Visual Equivalence


Forms load and main screens load data

All compile errors addressed.

QA and some fixups done by your team.




Functional Equivalence


Bug for bug equivalence to the existing application.

Identical look and feel to source application.

Identical database access, migrated application can coexist with the existing application.

QA completed.

UAT done by your team.

Mobilize.Net License Options


Migrated code compiles Document for remaining items Strategy for Stubs Compilation  (Migrated code compiles)

  • Add additional mapping to reduce manual effort
  • Unsupported control methods, properties, and events stubbed out
  • Document that maps remaining work items (EWI’s)
         - Guidance on mitigation



Visual Equivalence

Application to load data and run

  • Validate forms loads and main screens load data
  • Verify data binding on forms objects
  • Resolve EWI (errors, warnings and issues) to load initial screens
  • Test primary paths thru the application

Functional Equivalence

Application is code complete and ready for QA

  • Resolve remaining EWI (errors, warnings and issues)
  • Replace unsupported controls
  • Resolve all unsupported properties, methods, or events
  • Optionally add exception handling and error logging

Quality Assurance

  • Validate test cases to verify the application
  • Create a test plan and identify resources to test the application
  • Test application with program updates until Functionally Equivalent

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Future-Proof - Your Application .NET, Web, Mobile & Cloud Solutions

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I was especially impressed by their thorough approach—they asked questions until they understood everything about our project —which is a skill found in only the best technical developers..

Janet Barton,

Director of Operations at National Systems

Mobilize.Net gave me a very cost-effective way to move my application from an outdated platform to the Web. Their service and support were stellar.

David Hutchins

Hutchins Systems

We used the VBUC to successfully convert our software from VB6 to C# .NET and are very happy with the results; after only three days of work we were able to compile our C# migrated application without any errors.
Thank you for this great migration tool!

Christof Graff,

Development Lead, Comparex
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