Mobilize.Net Migration Methodology Tracking System





When performing migration projects, Mobilize.Net gives customers visibility into the processes to provide assurance of quality and on time delivery.

The Migration Methodology includes a set of best practices to effectively manage all the stages of a migration process. It can be followed step-by-step and is also integrated with the Application Lifecycle Management features of Visual Studio Team System, resulting in a tracking system based on an industry-standard toolset that members of a development team are familiar with and can quickly adopt.

Migration Project Guidance

All the processes are simplified when possible and rely on extensive project management documentation, including complete guidance on migration project best practices and how-tos, based on Visual Studio Team System Migration Project Templates.

Visual Studio Team System automates daily tasks of managing a migration project, including the collection and display of up to date information of the status of the different tasks.


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Migration Project Tracking System

The Migration Project Template includes tracking features that provide up-to-minute information on the current status of the migration project. The system tracks the status of the different Work Items that make up a migration project, including:

  • Migration Items: The level at which progress is tracked
  • Bugs and Issues: Problems or differences in behavior between source and migrated application
  • Test Cases: Or any other formal verification system used to validate the migrated application complies with the customer’s requirements.

Up to date reporting

The Migration Project Template comes with a list of predefined reports to show all related stakeholders, in real-time, where the project is, what issues are present that may affect the execution of the project, and when it will be complete. Having visibility into the process guarantees there won’t be any surprises.

Services For Guaranteed Success

VBMAP and WebMAP are our migration services that dramatically reduce the time and cost of migrating legacy applications to .NET, web, mobile, and cloud. Both services provide automation technology, services and support to ensure that your migration is on schedule, on budget, at quality.

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