Under the guidance of our expert consultants, the Migration Blueprint program is a 5-day, $10,000 (including travel) onsite engagement where we develop a complete assessment of the business and technical system environment.  

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Let us help you develop a custom migration plan

Through a series of interviews with your team and automated and manual inspections of your source code, we create an optimized plan for the migration, identify critical issues, and provide recommendations for the target architecture.

We also deliver a fixed-cost proposal for the project. Even if you opt to tackle the actual migration without our help, you'll find the results of the Migration Blueprint program valuable in understanding the scope of the task and the issues you’ll face.

Migration Experts Lead You Through the Process

Mobilize.Net has migrated thousands of legacy applications and built a bulletproof methodology for developing a custom migration program.  Based on depth interviews and exhaustive analysis, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the Migration Blueprint.

Here's an overview of our methodology:

Interviews with Your Subject Matter Experts

We interview all of the critical stakeholders in your organization to get a detailed view of the role of the application, its dependencies and requirements. Interviews include:

  • Senior management and key stakeholders
  • Architect and project managers
  • Senior developers
  • Experienced end users
Detailed Review of the Application Including Role and Dependencies

We spend a week reviewing the application and understanding every facet of how it works and how it needs to work in the future. In addition, we do a full code analysis to provide you all the information you need to make informed decisions on how to move forward:

  • “How-it-works” review
  • Real-life user cases and scenarios
  • Full code review
  • Size metrics
    • Lines of code
    • Number of statements
    • Number of components
    • Number of comment lines
  • Usage metrics
    • Frequency of use for each statement (in each source file and function, and global total)
    • Frequency of use for types (e.g. variable types, user type, file types, function types, etc.)
    • Frequency of use for each function, by source file and global total
    • Frequency of use for each data file, data field and source file (e.g. Data Definition Source, Screen Definition Source, etc.)
    • Calls Fan-in and Fan-out for each function and each source file
    • Structure Metrics
    • Taxonomy tree of each component
    • Partonomy tree of each component
    • Tree structure metrics (in the taxonomy)
    • Tree functional metrics (in the partonomy)
    • Average connection level (of fan-in and fan-out)
    • Average Compositional level (in the partonomy)
  • Complexity metrics
    • Structural complexity (taxonomical and partonomical complexity)
    • Cyclomatic complexity
    • Functional topological complexity
    • Architectural metrics
    • Batch process identifying
Detailed Project Analysis

Mobilize.Net has a formal process that we have perfected by migrating thousands of enterprise applications.  We do a detailed project analysis that will provide you with all the information you need to do a successful code migration:

  • Define project goals
  • Motivations - main issues that the customer wants to address with this project
  • Alternatives currently under consideration
  • Desired timeframe including start date, duration and end date
  • Identification of critical success factors (performance or other requirements)
  • Solution priorities:
    • Minimize short term costs
    • Minimize long term costs
    • Maximize scalability and flexibility
    • Minimize company disruption
  • Target platform analysis
    • Strategic IT business plan analysis
    • Initial analysis of personnel for target platforms: current knowledge and training plan
    • General software analysis for target platforms (OS, third party software, server applications, etc.)
    • General hardware analysis for target platforms (servers, routers, etc.)
Full Environment Analysis

Our team will investigate the application environment including hardware, networking, operating system and more:

  • Organization Analysis including org structure, technical resources and IT personnel
  • Management metrics
    • Current project status
    • Allocated resources
    • Quality control process
    • Configuration management (change control and version 
      control process)
  • Development environment analysis
    • Resource experience (programming languages, development methods, management)
    • Resource costs
    • Software environment (operating systems, development environments, testing and deployment software, use of third party software, third party components, integration with other OS and platforms)
    • Software licensing and maintenance costs
    • Hardware environment
    • Hardware licensing and maintenance costs
    • Cost/benefit analysis (ROI)


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