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The best available tools to perform code migrations from a source database or Spark application to Snowflake. Choose from the following list of sources:

Oracle Migration
Spark Scala
Spark Python (Coming soon!)
SQL Server Migration
Teradata Migration
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The premier productivity workbench designed and optimized for teams using Snowflake. Edit, Debug, Test, and Deploy across any code language that can be written for Snowflake.

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Use Cases
There are countless ways to take advantage of BlackDiamond Studio and SnowConvert. Here are just a few ways to get the most out of your Snowflake account.

Get Up and Running with SnowPark
Using the SnowConvert Trial
Build a Cross-Platform Object Inventory
Visualize Dependencies
Build a CI/CD pipeline
Connect Your Own Git Repository
Managing Your Data Lake

Introducing BlackDiamond Studio

BlackDiamond Studio

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BlackDiamond Studio is designed with your ability to use Snowflake in mind. 

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It is an integrated code editor utilizing VS Code that allows you to organize not only the SQL, but any other scripts that have been written to Snowflake. You can create a project, add source code (if converting from another platform) or extract your own Snowflake account's DDL, and have a ready-to-go versioned GitHub repository in the cloud directly connected to your Snowflake account.



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BlackDiamond Studio is here.

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