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Silverlight Assessment Tool

Details about all your Silverlight web code

Mobilize.Net's Silverlight Assessment Tool is a great start to removing your dependency on Silverlight - which went out of support on Oct. 12, 2021. 

Need to get off Silverlight? Start here.

The Silverlight Assessment Tool counts all your Silverlight UI source code, files, controls, and more--providing you with a powerful inventory of your project scope and dependencies. 


Just download and install the assessment tool to get a full inventory of all the Silverlight code in your projects. The Silverlight Assessment Tool crawls your directory tree and collects metadata about the project including lines of code, number of XAML and C# files, and more.


Silverlight went out of support on Oct. 12, 2021. Don't wait to start your project to get off Silverlight. Download the Assessment Tool today.

The fine print

  • The tool needs to be run on an environment with a working version of the application. In other words, the machine where the source code, SDK, and all the dependencies are present. Otherwise the results will be extremely limited.
  • This requires C#: it does not currently work on Silverlight projects using VB.NET. If you are in that situation, please contact us at info@mobilize.net for assistance.

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