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Thinking about migrating your on-prem or other data warehouse to the cloud? Not sure what it's going to take or even how to get started on a migration? Let the experts at Mobilize.Net help. In this recorded webinar session, we'll get you prepared for what to expect in your migration. (Note that while this session is focused specifically on Teradata as a source platform, the methodology applies to any source.)

Need more information? Fill out the form to the right to talk to an engineer about some of the migrations that Mobilize.Net has done in the past, and how that experience can translate to your migration. 
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Three Key Aspects of a Successful Migration

Hopefully, as you watched the webinar, you saw the three key aspects of any successful migration, each one just as important as the other:


  • Your People - By educating your team and providing the proper preparation, resources, and support for each team member, the transition to the new data warehouse will be considerably more successful. Most importantly of all, you should be able to save time and money by getting to the new platform and turning off the old one quicker.
  • Your Data - Your new Snowflake implementation will be more successful and more useful with all of the same data you have in your current data warehouse. Even better if you can get a full inventory of all theobjects (data objects such as tables and views, as well as code objects such as stored procedures, functions, etc.) in your source platform, and see the same inventory in your new cloud-based data platform. And it doesn't all work until you reposition both your ETL and BI / Reporting tools towards the Snowflake Data Cloud. Good news! All of the above is possible. There are numerous tools and services out there that claim they can achieve all of the above, so don't find yourself in a bad spot. Make sure you get the results you are expecting by partnering with Mobilize.Net to build the right migration strategy.
  • Your Code - Just as important as the other two, but can be the hardest part (depending on the adaptability of your team). It's likely that your current platform has been around longer than the people who are maintaining tit. It's equally as likely that some of the stored procedures, functions, and other proprietary scripts that were created to maintain that platform are just as old. Building the right strategy for migrating code that no one at your organization understands anymore is what Mobilize.Net has been doing for the past 25 years. We can build a cloud migration strategy for you that automates the conversion of your scripts to something more modern that Snowflake understands (such as Python, Snowflake Scripting, and JavaScript).

It's worth repeating that each of the above three aspects is as important as the other. Connect directly with an engineer about your specific migration needs by filling out the form to the right. 

Want to see some of the products that Mobilize.Net creates to automate any source (not just Teradata) during the migration process? Use the link below to check out more from the SnowConvert line of database migration accelerators. 

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