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Determining the success of your data access and integration efforts is easy: enable your organization to make timely, sound decisions based on fact, and you win. Points for elegance and sophistication won't get you there. Nothing matters more than the results.

It sounds obvious, but you can only complete this ever-important 'last mile' when your data gets translated into meaningful, actionable reports tailored to the unique needs of the audience.

Reporting requirements vary greatly and include:

  • Native reporting capabilities embedded in core systems.
  • Best-of-Breed third-party reporting tools such as Cognos and Business Objects.
  • Data analysis and reporting in Microsoft Excel and Access.
  • Web-enabled reporting for employees, partners and customers.


CONNX provides two solution paths for your reporting and web enablement needs. You can opt for InfoNaut, a desktop query and enterprise reporting tool, which can be installed on any computer for self-serve access to your data wherever it may reside (as configured by you). This approach delegates querying to the end-user, reducing internal support requests and freeing up valuable IT time. Anyone in your organization can then run queries and create customized reports based on their own needs, saving them for distribution in a wide range of file formats including Excel, PDF, HTML, image and delimited.

Alternately, you can opt for the reporting platform of your choice, knowing that CONNX provides access to virtually every legacy, relational and non-relational data source out there. The CONNX interface allows you to plug into any application, report writer or development tool that is ODBC, JDBC or J2EE compliant. Choose the platform that works best for your organization.

When you need Web access to your data, the same options await. CONNX provides native support for OLE DB, ODBC and .NET, enabling direct access for web tools including Visual Basic, C, C++, Java, Python, PHP or .NET.

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