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Chris Sells from Google talks about moving code from desktop apps to a mobile world.

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Moving legacy Windows desktop applications to a modern Web architecture involves a lot of issues. Here the experts explain.

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Mobilize bloq article What kind of apps should you webify?


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Mobilize bloq article Compare the cost of migrating to rewriting

Migration vs. rewrite bake-off

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Mobilize bloq article Web app architectural considerations: Part 1

WebMAP app architecture part 1

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Mobilize bloq article Save on deployment costs - move to web apps

C# to HTML5: save on deployment costs

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Mobilize bloq article Considerations for PowerBuilder apps

PowerBuilder to Java/HTML5 Modernization

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Mobilize bloq article Web app architectural considerations: Part 2

Web app architectural considerations: Part 2

WebMAP app architecture part 2

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Use Case #1:
Move a VB app to the web

Hutchins turned to WebMAP from Mobilize.Net to efficiently separate the code of their VB6 desktop application to an N-tier architecture with ASP.Net on the server and HTML5 clients.

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Use Case #2: Simplify deployment issues by moving a client / server app to the web

National Systems relied on WebMAP from Mobilize.Net to automate the re-architecture of their mission critical call-center application with high use and reliability requirements to an N-tier web architecture and HTML clients.

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