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SnowConvert for Teradata

SnowConvert securely automates the conversion of Teradata SQL and script files to Snowflake

SnowConvert is now a part of Snowflake. To access SnowConvert for PySpark, you will need to follow the information available on the documentation page here: https://docs.mobilize.net/snowconvert/general/getting-started/download-and-access.

You can still fill out the form on this page to learn more about Growth Acceleration Partners' Snowflake consulting services. 

For more information about SnowConvert, you can visit the main SnowConvert product page or visit the SnowConvert Documentation Page.

For more information about how to use SnowConvert, watch our co-webinar with Snowflake.

Minimum system requirements:

              Windows 10                                                               MacOS
.NET Framework 4.6.2 (runtime)                                  Catalina 10.15.6
       Java JDK 8 or higher                                           Java JDK 8 or higher
             4 GB of RAM                                                          4 GB of RAM

Types of migrations from Teradata:

  • DDL/DML (*.sql):
    Teradata SQL statements converted to Snowflake SQL
  • Stored Procedures (*.sql):
    Converted to JavaScript-based Snowflake Stored Procedures
  • BTEQ (*.bteq):
    Converted to Python that executes Snowflake SQL
  • Additional Proprietary Scripts: such as Fastload (*.fl, *.fload),
    Multiload (*.ml, *.mload), and Tpump (*.tpump) converted to Python.

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