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    Third Party Library Support


    VBUC Third Party Library Support

    Since there are hundreds of controls and vendors in the VB6 market, many migration customers are looking to automatically convert their references to legacy third party components to .NET versions.

    The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion’s core functionality can be customized to satisfy your specific VB6 to .NET migration needs in terms of control/library automated conversion ratio.

    The VBUC’s extensibility approach allows you to automatically upgrade your specific programming patterns, to add some new functionality on the migrated .NET application, and also to convert the ActiveX controls that you have in the original application to .NET Framework components or newer versions of the specific third-party controls, saving manual effort, time and money on your VB to .NET migration projects.

    Below is a list of the ActiveX controls that are supported by default by the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion:

    Original Component/Library From Target Component/Library Vendor
    COMSVCSLib Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    CSTextLib Crescent Software C1Input ComponentOne
    FPSpread FarPoint Spread FarPoint
    MAPI Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    Mh3dlblLib MicroHelp .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MSACAL Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MSComCtl2 Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MSComCtlLib Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MSComDlg Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MSDataGridLib Microsoft TrueDBGrid ComponentOne
    MSDBGridLib Microsoft TrueDBGrid ComponentOne
    MSFlexGridLib Microsoft FlexGrid ComponentOne
    MSMask Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MSWLess Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MSXML2 Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    MTxAS Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    vb.Printer Microsoft Helper class ArtinSoft
    RichTextBox Microsoft .NET equivalents Microsoft
    Scripting Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    SHDocVw Microsoft .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    SSActiveTreeView Sheridan .NET TreeView Microsoft
    SSCalendarWidgets Sheridan .NET equivalents Microsoft
    SSDataWidgets_B Sheridan TrueDBGrid ComponentOne
    SSDataWidgets_B Sheridan UltraWinGrid Infragistics
    SSDesignerWidgets Sheridan .NET TabControl Microsoft
    SSListBar Sheridan UltraWinListBar Infragistics
    SSSpliter Sheridan .NET SplitContainer Microsoft
    Threed Sheridan .NET TabControl Microsoft
    TrueDBGrid50Lib APEX TrueDBGrid ComponentOne
    TrueDBGrid60Lib APEX TrueDBGrid ComponentOne
    TrueDBGrid70Lib APEX TrueDBGrid ComponentOne
    VSFlex7Ctl VideoSoft C1FlexGrid ComponentOne
    VSFlex7LCtl VideoSoft C1FlexGrid ComponentOne
    VSOcxLib Sheridan .NET intrinsic Microsoft
    XArrayCustom APEX Helper class ArtinSoft
    XArrayObject  APEX .NET intrinsic Microsoft

    The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion features a user-customizable mapping engine called the Custom Maps extensibility. This means the user can specify transformations for element occurrences in the original VB6 code, so that they can be converted (mapped) into specific library elements, intrinsic or third party. As a result, the overall VB to .NET migration process’ precision can be enhanced by creating personalized mappings to handle conflicting or particular elements.