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Modernize VB6 Code with new Mobilize.Net VB Upgrade Companion 7.0. New version cuts effort needed to move legacy apps to Windows 7, 8, or 10.

Posted by DeeDee Walsh on Wed, Feb, 17, 2016 @ 06:02 AM

Mobilize.Net announced Visual Basic Upgrade Companion version 7.0, available today, that makes big gains in improving the productivity of developers struggling to modernize legacy software applications. With the new version of VBUC, developers no longer need to have a copy of VB6 installed on their migration computer, reducing the complexity and effort needed to migrate VB6 code to modern Windows or Web.

Hundreds of thousands of developers worldwide have used VBUC to migrate billions of extant VB6 code to C# or VB.NET, making VBUC the most popular migration tool ever shipped. Prior to release, Mobilize.Net tested version 7.0 on millions of lines of real-world customer code, migrating in excess of 99.9 percent without the need for post-migration work.

Version 7 brings several new features to this popular tool, including:

  • No need for VB6 on the migration computer, eliminating the need to have a modern development system with an environment that also allowed VB6 to function. This scenario, no longer needed, was often difficult to create and time-consuming to troubleshoot.
  • Support for other (non-VB) libraries not on the development machine, a feature that enables developers to work on applications when they might not have full access to all the code.
  • Improvements to the application analysis and assessment tool, which now counts and reports on Windows APIs, designer files, and unsupported files.
  • Multiple discrete migration improvements to code generation plus dozens or coverage improvements.

VBUC Paves the Way to Mobile and Cloud

VBUC provides the best onramp to WebMAP, enabling customers to move from VB6 all the way to Web, mobile and cloud.

VBUC Is Used By Enterprises, ISVs and SIs*

Hundreds of thousands of customers have successfully used VBUC to convert code to .NET and beyond. All vertical markets are represented including healthcare, manufacturing, banking, energy and more; plus major corporations like Bank of America, Citigroup and Microsoft have used VBUC to transform large workloads to new platforms. In addition, system integrators like Avanade, Wipro GYSSA and others have found VBUC to be a very valuable tool in migrating their customers’ code to new platforms. A full list of Mobilize customers can be found at

*Contact Mobilize.Net to talk with real customers.

Topics: application modernization, application migration, Windows XP, VB6, Windows 8, .NET, Windows 10, C#, VBUC

Mobilize.Net Collaborates With Microsoft on Tool to Accelerate Developer Adoption of Windows 10

Posted by DeeDee Walsh on Thu, Apr, 30, 2015 @ 11:04 AM

Mobilize.Net Announces Tool to Convert Windows Phone Applications to the Recently Unveiled Windows 10 Unified API

At the Microsoft Build 2015 event today, Mobilize.Net, a leading provider of application modernization products and services, announced an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to develop and release a tool that significantly accelerates conversion of applications written for Windows Phone to run on the much anticipated Windows 10 devices. The tool will parse and analyze the source code of Windows Phone Silverlight applications, and translate forms, controls, properties, methods, events and other API to their closest analog on Windows 10. This tool will dramatically reduce the time and effort needed for developers to move portfolios of applications to Windows 10. The new applications will run on the full range of Windows 10 devices including PCs, phones, and IoT devices.

“Our tools make source code mobile, so applications can efficiently move to the latest platforms without the time, cost, or risk inherent in a rewrite,” said Tom Button, CEO at Mobilize.Net. “By partnering with Microsoft, we are paving the road for apps to move quickly from Windows Phone Silverlight to Windows 10, accelerating the adoption of the new Universal Windows Platform.”

“Mobilize.Net has a long history of providing tools that help developers transform existing applications to the latest platforms,” said John Shewchuk, Technical Fellow at Microsoft. “Not only did they build the tools that migrated millions of Visual Basic developers to .NET, now they are helping .NET developers bridge their Windows Phone applications to the universal Windows platform and cloud. This new tool will enable developers to significantly accelerate their move from Silverlight Windows Phone to Windows 10.”

Migrates Apps in One Third the Time for Maximum Developer Productivity

The Mobilize.Net migration tool will be released as an add-in to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, available for free to all Windows developers. The tool will transform C# source code originally written for Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 into source code targeting the new Universal Windows Platform, enabling the new application to run on any Windows 10 device. Leveraging the automated code analysis and transformation technology in WebMAP2 (also announced today), this Visual Studio Add-In will enable complete migrations in a third or less of the time required for a manual rewrite, dramatically reducing cost and eliminating project risk associated with manual rewrites. Developers will be able to download, install and use the tool directly from within Visual Studio. The tool will be available for free both from the MSDN and Mobilize.Net websites.

Open Source Extensibility

The tool will contain a rich extensibility model open to all developers, which will enable third parties to add to the library of available mappings and transformations. Any developer can contribute to the project and the resulting mappings will also be freely available.

Timing and Availability

Developers can check out the demo at Build in the demo zone area on the second floor. The tool will be available first as a technical preview in Q3, 2015. Go to to get on the list for the pre-release.  

Topics: application migration, Mobile Application Development, Windows 8, Silverlight, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Windows Phone Silverlight

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