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Partnership with Infragistics | Mobilize.Net

by DeeDee Walsh, on Tue, Jan, 26, 2021 @ 05:01 AM

Mobilize.Net and Infragistics partner to build Silverlight migration tools
to help customers migrate to native web architecture

BELLEVUE, WA – January 26, 2021 – Mobilize.Net today announced a new partnership with Infragistics to build automated migration tools for Silverlight. Together, the two companies will create tools to migrate Infragistics Silverlight UI controls to Angular and HTML. In addition, Mobilize.Net released a free migration assessment tool for Silverlight which is available for immediate download at The Mobilize.Net Migration Assessment Tool for Silverlight provides a detailed inventory of a Silverlight application including files, bytes, lines of code, object types. The tool provides additional information to assist in identifying modernization problems and mitigations.

Infragistics is a leader in building tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development and their tools are in use by many of our customers,” said Tom Button, Chairman and CEO, Mobilize.Net. “We are looking forward to working with Infragistics to help customers eradicate technical debt and move their legacy software to web and cloud.”

“We are perfectly aligned with Mobilize.Net in our mission to promote and enable developer productivity,” said Dean Guida, CEO, Infragistics. “Both of our companies build world-class tools and frameworks that enable developers to do their best work on the latest platforms.”

To get a free copy of the Mobilize.Net Migration Assessment Tool for Silverlight, go to

About Mobilize.Net

Mobilize.Net transforms software applications to .NET, web, mobile, and cloud platforms. Millions of developers have used Mobilize.Net technology to successfully modernize billions of lines of code. Mobilize.Net migration technology is the chosen solution for Snowflake and Microsoft customers. The privately-held Mobilize.Net is based in Bellevue, WA, and is led by former Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Tom Button. Find out more at

About Infragistics
Infragistics provides the world’s largest enterprises with tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development, and foster team collaboration. More than two million developers worldwide use Infragistics’ enterprise-ready UX and UI toolkits to rapidly prototype and build high-performing applications for the cloud, web, mobile and desktop. Infragistics’ Reveal reimagines what business users can achieve with self-service business intelligence visualization, while its newest application, Indigo.Design, introduces design-to-code efficiencies during the designer-to-developer handoff. Infragistics clients represent 100% of the S&P 500, including global software providers who rely on Infragistics when reliability and performance are non-negotiable.

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