After a migration, organizations need ongoing services to fix bugs, add features, and integrate the newly modernized application with the rest of their products and systems.

At Mobilize.Net, our engineers continue to be available to help post migration so you have a 1-stop-solution for your complete migration and post migration needs.

Some of the advantages of working with Mobilize Services post migration: 

  1. Expertise with no gaps. With us, there is no knowledge transfer required.  Our engineers are already experts in the output app architecture and your generated code.
  2. Accountability, aka “One neck to choke”. With Mobilize, there is no fingerpointing between vendors. There is one responsible party with full accountability.
  3. Save Money. Mobilize nearshore resources are more productive and less expensive than any others available in your timezone

  4. Time Zone. In nearshore Costa Rica, our engineers can collaborate with your people throughout your workday. No early morning or late night calls necessary, and no more 24-hour response time. We offer same hour or same minute availability throughout the Americas. 

So keep your Mobilize.Net team in place – sign up for extended support and maintenance with staff augmentation to get your migrated app all the way to the limit of what it can do for your business.

“Mobilize.Net teams has been excellent” Dave Shoup, Hunter Industries.
Hear what Hunter had to say about Mobilize.Net services:


Need more help?

A quick call with one of our engineers can help you understand:

  • Show you what the migrated code will look like
  • How to map the current code to the new platform
  • How to use settings to reduce your workload
  • Performance and security issues
  • How big your modernization project is

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