Migrate from VB6 and Winforms to the web and cloud.
Transform your classic Windows app all the way to the web.

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PowerBuilder to Java or C#

Migrate PowerBuilder to Java or C#. 
Transform your spanPowerBuilder code to web. 

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Migrate your classic ASP apps to C# or VB.NET
Automation saves time & money.

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VBUC - Move your VB6 app to .NET

Move your VB6 app to .NET
Quickly migrate your classic VB6 app to C# or VB.NET

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Migrate Windows Silverlight apps to Web. 
Jumpstart your move to web and cloud.

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Mobilize All Migrations

Other Legacy Platforms?
Migrate your legacy apps for a fraction of the cost of rewriting them.

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Analysis and Planning

Have an app that’s stuck on old technologies?

Get a comprehensive migration plan for your project identifying technical issues, resource requirements, and schedule milestones.

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Have a portfolio of valuable legacy applications?

Get a detailed, prioritized execution plan for all your applications, with outcome categories like replace, rewrite, and migrate.

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Modernization Services


Mobilize.Net offers tools, support and services to help you move your legacy code to modern platforms.

Mobilize offers flexible service options that fit your budget:

Fully functional, tested application on the new platform

Code and forms migration

Code conversion only

Comprehensive migration plans

Free code analysis and cost estimates.

Our experience with the Visual Basic Upgrade Companion was really positive. It’s a robust and powerful tool that provided us with very readable code and useful comments about the executed conversions.

Sebastián Ramírez,

Project Leader, EMMSA Consulting

Mobilize.Net WebMAP is a great example of how our key partners are creating practical and innovative solutions that customers can use to solve challenging, real-world problems.

Shawn Nandi,

Sr Director, Cloud App Development, Data & AI Marketing
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Automated migration technology for Visual Basic 6.0, Silverlight, PowerBuilder, .NET and more. Give us a call at 425-609-8458.