The fastest way to move your legacy code to .NET, HTML5, Web, Mobile, and Cloud

Mobilize.Net dramatically reduces the time and cost of migrating legacy applications to modern platforms including the web, mobile, and cloud.

Mobilize.Net's WebMAP solution combines proven automation to convert 95% of your code to HTML5 along with professional services and support to ease the migration process. Mobilize.Net provides fixed price migration services. With thousands of projects and millions of lines of customer code converted, we have a best-in-class track record of projects delivered on time, on budget, and at quality. can help you move applications from several programming languages and platforms to web, mobile, and cloud targets:

Automated Tools Convert 95% of Your Code

  • Tools generate pure native code:  no runtimes, no royalties, no binaries
  • Automatically restructures your application for the web
  • Customize the tool to fit your needs for architecture, components and code standards

Services and Support for Guaranteed Success

  • On-site migration engineer to setup, install, train, troubleshoot
  • 24x7x365 dedicated engineering support through duration of project
  • Turnkey option for fixed cost, fixed schedule, guaranteed to pass QA

Hybrid Model: Best of Both Automation and Manual

  • Get all the efficiency and reliability of automated tools
  • Manual dev focus on adding new features, scenarios
  • You own IP so it’s easy to maintain and extend the result

The Mobilize.Net Advantage

As enterprises look for solutions to move from legacy applications to new platforms and architectures, WebMAP offers compelling advantages.

  • WebMAP projects are al­ways fixed price, with a guar­anteed delivery date.
  • WebMAP projects aren’t over until the code passes the existing test suites for the legacy application.
  • WebMAP projects are 4X faster than a manual rewrite. 

Contact us today to learn how you can migrate your legacy apps to the web using HTML5 for a fraction of the cost of rewriting them.