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So your company bought the source code for an application, and you are now responsible for maintaining and supporting it. Adding features, fixing bugs, ensuring its ongoing health and security.

Here’s the catch: the source code for that application was originally written by developers in another country, using another human language for many of the elements of the source code that make it very difficult to read and maintain.

Mobilize.Net has your solution:

Our LanguageMAP natural language source code translator.

Mobilize.Net has over 20 years of experience building tools that read source code and transform it while maintaining functional equivalence. These same AI-based pattern matching tools can be used to translate the language within your source code as well.


Translate all the elements contained in source code that are written in Natural Language.

This allows the code to be sent to different geographies with different human language skills for ongoing support and maintenance.

A similar approach can be used to also localize the software by changing string constants for references to a localized resource table.


Using our static source scanning tools, Mobilize tools can automatically extract specific elements of the source code to be translated, including:

  • Variable names
  • Comments
  • Class names
  • String Constants,

and export them to a table. Once they are extracted, a natural language translator can be applied to this table, with the

  • first pass automated (using industry standard natural language translation services) then
  • final pass human to validate accuracy of translation to match the original intent

Once the translation is completed, the translated elements are re-inserted back into the same positions inside the source code guaranteeing 100% exact functional equivalence.


This is not a problem that can be solved with simpler tools such as regular expressions or context free grammars. It requires full semantic understanding of the source code.

We have used similar techniques for updating code to adhere to company coding standards, so natural/human translation is just another form of that from our tools perspective.

A quick phone call with one of our engineers can help you understand:

  • Show you what the migrated code will look like
  • How to map the current code to the new platform
  • How to use settings to reduce your workload
  • Performance and security issues
  • How big your modernization project is