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Announcing RapidScan, the fastest way to catalog and analyze your source code.

RapidScan from Mobilize.Net is the newest version of our Assessment Wizard, available for download here. This assessment tool will scan a directory tree of code and catalog it based on programming language, with detailed reports on number of files, lines of code, types of files, and more. 

RapidScan is the first piece of a new deep code analysis toolkit that is under development at Mobilize.Net. Over the coming months, we'll be adding features and capabilities to this product family to perform ever deeper static code analysis to help you understand what you have and what you can do with it. 

Download RapidScan today.

RapidScan counts files, bytes, and lines of code for file types it recognizes as programming language files. It reports the number of blank lines and comments as well. There's a keyword dictionary that counts known keywords as well.

The data is captured in a simple csv file but we have some data visualization templates that will work with it.

Code analysis graph from Mobilize.Net RapidScan tool

Download a copy here.