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HTML5Learn what it takes to migrate legacy apps to HTML5
Wed Dec 20 at 2 pm Pacific

We've put together a live webinar by our senior migration engineers to show you how to webify your Windows desktop applications and answer your technical questions.

You'll see:

  • How to execute a migration: starting with a classic Windows app with SQL database migrated to modern web architecture using ASP.NET/MVC4 with HTML5 and JavaScript on the client
  • How to deploy a website and database to the cloud
  • How to handle state and session management in a server farm
  • How to emulate an MDI app in a single page web app
  • How to deal with the top migration issues moving from VB all the way to HTML5.

Space is limited!

Webinar is Wednesday, Dec. 20, at 2 pm Pacific (UTC 8pm)