The Visual Basic Upgrade Companion is the fastest and most efficient way to migrate old VB6 source code to modern platforms:

C# or VB.NET. VBUC can migrate up to 95% of your code, including many controls and componenets, even from third parties.

You can even add modern programming patterns like try...catch error handling. 

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WebMAP Demo

See how WebMAP can convert your .NET code to HTML5.

With WebMAP, you can quickly switch your license software model to SaaS by migrating your C#/.NET source code to ASP.NET/MVC, HTML, AJAX, and AngularJS or Kendo UI.

See a demo of the latest version of WebMAP migrating an application all the way from VB6 to HTML with AngularJS and Bootstrap.

Watch a brief demo of how a customer saved months and tens of thousands of dollars here.

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Need more help?

A quick call with one of our engineers can help you understand:

  • How to map the current code to the new platform
  • How to use settings to reduce your workload

  • Show you what the migrated code will look like
  • Performance and security issues
  • How big your modernization project is

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