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Hutchins is a credit-reporting application that needed to modernize from Visual Basic to a web-based application.

This video (5 minutes with captions) shows how the new system compares to the original VB application, and how some interesting UI challenges were solved.  (Viewing in HD recommended).

Key Takeaways

Industry: Financial Services

Customer Profile: Hutchins is the developer of Credittime 2000 Metro 2 Credit Reporting Software for reporting consumer and businesses’ accounts to Equifax, Experian, Innovis and Trans Union.

Business Situation: Line of business application written in VB6 which was at endof-life from Microsoft. Customer was faced with expensive rewrite to remain in business.

Solution: converted VB6 code to HTML5, retaining the look and feel of the application to avoid any customer disruption.


  • Centralized deployment
  • Lower cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Easier software maintenance


The Hutchins Story

Hutchins approached Mobilize.Net with very specific requirements: 

  • Move the application to a modern platform to enable agile, rapid development
  • Maintain a familiar look and feel so that long-time customers wouldn’t be disoriented
  • Provide an architecture that expands options – Hutchins can move the application to a SaaS model in the future.

With those requirements in mind, Mobilize.Net was able to assess the Credittime 2000 codebase, convert it to HTML5, then refine the code to work optimally on the web. Separately, the UX team pulled together a look and feel that would enable customers to continue to run Credittime 2000 without disruption.

Download the case study.

You can download a PDF version of the case study here.