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Case Study: e-volutionSoft

Oracle Forms to Java

The problem

"The company needed its products to be platform independent"


e-volutionSoft, a Latin American ISV, looked to modernize its e-volutionMain software (maintenance) to allow its clients platform independence, thereby freeing them from being tied up to a single database architecture. In addition, this application had to be web-enabled on the most versatile, efficient and secure platform in order to take full advantage of every business opportunity available, as well as eliminating any licensing fees and costs related to upgrading to newer versions of the original platform in the future.

The solution

"Having carried out manual migration trials toward Java and concomitantly looking for less complex alternatives to manual conversion (rewrite), we tried Mobilize's solution. Mobilize.Net possesses the best technology, which, combined with its consulting services, fulfilled our expectations.

Gustavo Astua - Technical Director, e-volutionMain.

"The Oracle Forms to Java migration through Mobilize.Net saved us a lot of unnecessary work, empowering us to react far more quickly to market trends, thus allowing us to take full advantage of new technological breakthroughs."

Allan Rojas - Commercial Director, e-volutionSoft.

"As part of restructuring the company toward the new millennium, our priority has been to transform our applications. This transformation meant a profound analysis of market trends, new technologies and opportunities. Our most pressing criteria have been how to handle information, taking into account such factors as: distribution, accessibility and response time. Under this premise, our first step was to enable our application on the Web. Having considered various sources of information and analyzing the available options in the market, we opted for a leading edge, open technology. Java fulfilled our needs immediately and naturally. We needed to determine the when factor now that we knew the opportunity cost of our decision. Having studied our needs through its migration services, Mobilize.Net guaranteed full preservation of our knowledge capital and our current application. This migration and modernization was achieved in a month and a half, a process which manually would have taken much longer".

Alvaro Sáenz - Deputy General Manager, e-volutionSoft.

The specific programming hours dedicated to e-volutionMain with high caliber programmers were 10240. After training programmers in Java and hiring experts in the new environment, the tests which were carried out indicated that manual migration would have required 7168 hours. Using Mobilize.Net's automatic migration technology, Freedom, however, the actual time invested in migrating this application form Oracle Forms to Java was 1920 programmer hours. With Mobilize.Net's migration solution, the company saved around five thousand programmer hours!


Freedom technology takes an Oracle Forms source code, and re-expresses it in a natural way in pure Java. The results of the migration process were the following:

  • A final code with the same logic as the original code, dramatically minimizing the training time required by the developers.
    • Functional Equivalence while maintaining the look and feel of the original application, eliminating any user training.
    • The opportunity to use a cutting-edge technology such as Java.
    • The resulting application in Java can be used on Oracle's JDeveloper or any other Java editor and communicated to any database through JDBC connection.

About e-volutionSoft

e-volutionSoft is a Latin American company dedicated to the research and development of innovative products for manufacturing and services management. The products and solutions for industrial processes provided by e-volutionSoft incorporate the latest approaches, such as the theory of restrictions and activity-based budgeting.

e-volutionSoft has enriched its experience by working with customers from ten Latin American countries. Its products are aimed at different industrial and service companies, such as: pharmaceutical, textile, footwear and leather, food and drink companies; paper, printing and publishing houses; chemicals, rubber and plastic, cement, ceramics and glass producers; government and service institutions; hospitals and clinics; and transport companies.
e-volutionSoft's main products include e-volutionManufacturing, e-volutionMain (maintenance), e-volutionVisualizer (space visualization), e-volutionWireless (process automation) and e-volutionSentinel (graphics).

Time to Mobilize

"ArtinSoft migrated the e-volutionMain application to Java, keeping it on the same Oracle database as well as endowing it with platform independence. Besides, as it required no licensing fees, it provided our clients with far higher profitability than expected."


Gustavo Astua,
- Technical Director, e-volutionMain.

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