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Why HTML5?

by DeeDee Walsh, on Jun 23, 2014 11:18:00 AM

Many of our customers ask us about whether or not it makes sense to move applications to HTML5.  At Mobilize, we've been working with HTML5 for several years now and we believe it's good and getting better all the time:

  • Enterprises are seeing growth in HTML5. The growth for HTML5 has more than doubled since 2012 and continues to grow. 
  • Why Build HTML5 Apps?
    • HTML5 is faster and cheaper
    • Single, multi-platform code base
    • Easier for developers
    • Fragmentation is reduced
    • Lots of resources
  • HTML5 is Faster and Cheaper
    • Reduce development time.
    • Focus on latest browsers without being held up on old ones (while providing graceful content degradation).
    • Concentrate on writing functionality that works and looks good, while using the latest tools.
    • Easier to get talent; iOS developers are expensive
  • Plus there’s more….
    • Developing for one technology vs three or four saves a lot of money. 
    • HTML5 development is much cheaper than native:
      • iOS and Android enterprise app development = $50K up to $500K 
      • HTML5 enterprise app development = $10K up to $100K 
    • HTML5, JavaScript and CSS are the common languages of the web. iOS engineers are in short supply and expensive. 
    • Most employees (at least in big Fortune 500 enterprises) require different tools, from workflow and checklist applications to software-as-a-service solutions. 
    • HTML5 apps aren’t forced to give 30% of app revenues to Apple or Microsoft for entry into app stores.
  • Single, Multi-Platform Code Base 
    • Web apps work across all operating systems, regardless of whether they're powering a smartphone, tablet or laptop. 
    • App can run on iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1, etc.
    • Apps support newer devices, even if they have different screen size, resolution and aspect ratio.
  • Easier for Developers 
    • HTML5 development is easy. Programmers and developers are already using the technology – as well as CSS3 and JavaScript – for the web so HTML5 is second nature. 
    • Developing apps natively is a whole lot more complex and requires very different, specialized skills.
  • Fragmentation is greatly reduced 
    • There are thousands of flavors of Android, plus iOS has many different versions and the phone and tablet require much tweaking.
    • HTML5 provides legacy and cross browser support – there are 200 different types of browser interpretations!
  • Lots of resources 
    • HTML is pervasive in terms of knowledgebase and available expertise 
    • Google search shows hundreds of thousands of companies

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