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by DeeDee Walsh, on Jan 24, 2017 9:29:26 AM

Who's using WebMAP and what's the ROI?

The most common question we get at Mobilize.Net is "Can you show me a customer like me who's using it?" That's an easy question for us to answer since we have thousands of customers - from all industries including healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and more. And the flexibility of WebMAP makes it valuable to large enterprises and ISVs as well as SMBs and mid-size companies.

Here are some examples of how WebMAP transformed a business:

  • A leading restaurant chain with a massive delivery business had an unwieldy VB6 application that required complicated maintenance and installation. The company had attempted to rewrite the application three prior times but had repeatedly failed. By using WebMAP, the company not only got its app up and running within three months, but also met all of its performance and reliability metrics – important when any delay or downtime translates to millions of dollars of lost revenue.
  • One of the world’s largest asset tracking companies chose to use WebMAP to migrate their asset tracking system after evaluating the cost and time of doing a manual rewrite. Realizing that a manual rewrite would take at least 3X the money and would double the time it would take to get to market, the company was able to save more than $5M and estimated they beat a manual rewrite by more than a year.
  • Mobilize-laptop.pngOne of the world’s largest software companies used WebMAP to migrate a large, complicated but unscalable line-of-business order entry application that accounts for $800M of revenue. With WebMAP, the application was migrated and running on the new platform in three months vs a year. In addition to saving $3M via WebMAP, the company also protected itself from lost revenues from an obsolete architecture.
  • A leading provider of healthcare management solutions had a mission-critical application that was tethered to a proprietary browser – which complicated portability and also caused issues with Meaningful Use compliance. The company had tried unsuccessfully to rewrite the application but ultimately turned to WebMAP counting on its reputation for 100% success.
  • One of the world’s leading providers of financial services technology had multiple versions of a tax application running on obsolete technology and facing government compliance issues. By using WebMAP to migrate the code base to HTML5, the company saved over $4M plus at least a year of development time. 

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