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The Right Partner in Any Migration to Snowflake

by Brandon Carver, on Jun 16, 2021 4:56:03 AM

In case you missed it, there’s summit_snowflake_mountainanother Snowflake Summit this week. (Today, in fact!) That’s right, ascending to one summit was not enough for Snowflake in June of 2021, so we’re summiting again. The Snowflake Partner Network Summit is today and you can still register for a spot. This is not to be confused with the more ordinarily (by comparison) titled Snowflake Summit, which took place last week and is still available to view online.

We learned about some of what’s new with Snowflake at last week’s Snowflake Summit. This week, we’ll learn about what’s in store for the members of the Snowflake Partner Network. If it’s still not clear, the former was the all-things-Snowflake-let’s-talk-about-everything summit. This one is the all-things-Snowflake-partners summit. Were there partner related topics in the previous summit? Sure. Will there be general product information at the partner summit? Sure. There’s going to be some overlap. But as Snowflake continues to grow, it’s partner network is more and more vital to continuing that growth. So we climb another summit. As a Snowflake partner and a key cog of the Snowflake Professional Services strategy on migrations, we’re present for anything Snowflake, partnership, and networking.

Partnering for Successful Migrations to Snowflake

As Snowflake reviews how they’re building bridges with their partners, it seems like a great time to review what Mobilize.Net can do for ours. We build bridges from more traditional data warehouses (like Teradata and Oracle) to help you or your customer(s) get to Snowflake. We are the migration experts (we’ve been doing it for some time now), and we’re in the business of supporting our partners at any or every step in the process. We're not interested in providing a one-size-fits-all service that cannot be tailored to your needs as a partner. Just the opposite. We can perform entire migrations, but we can just as easily support migration efforts in more specific and targeted ways. Some of the pieces that we can do a la carte or as part of a complete package include:

  • Planning and Strategy: Having performed application and database migrations across the Fortune 1000, we have a strategy for making any migration project a successful one. Whether you're looking for how to get started with a migration to Snowflake, a guide on how to create a CI/CD process for your migration, or a complete strategy to migrate an entire workload, we're here to help.
  • Assessment: Have some code that you want to get idea of what it will take to migrate? Whether it's code from an old application or from a legacy data warehouse, we can give you an assessment with a complete inventory of elements present in the code. We can also give you a better idea of the effort required to perform the complete migration.
  • Tooling to Automate Migrations: If you are looking to migrate to a specific platform, it's likely that we have an automated tool to get you there (even if it's outside of the database universe). Our tools have been heavily tested both internally and with our partners before we make them available to the general public. Interested in a type of conversion that we are not currently promoting on our website? Reach out to us. It's possible that it's already in development, and we'd be willing to partner up with you on accelerating your migration project. 
  • Testing and Edge Cases: There will always be hard problems in a migration. The kind of problems that need extra support to deal with. We’re always looking to take on the most challenging pieces of a migration project such as the bteq of Teradata, the packages of Oracle PL/SQL, the convoluted ETL infrastructures of any large platform… that’s where we come in. Our services team is ready to jump in to support the last mile work that's inevitable in any migration project.
  • All of the Above: If you're not looking for a step-by-step partner but rather a get-it-done partner, that's us too. Our services team has some of the most experienced migration engineers around. We can take your old code, make it new again, and prep it for deployment into your new Snowflake instance.  

We are the accelerator for our partners that takes migration jobs and ensures they are more likely to come in on time and more likely to be done right the first time. Last week, we reviewed the reduction in effort that can be provided by the right kind of automation being added to a migration. We should know as we've been incorporating automation into our migration practice for 20+ years. This same reduction in effort creates faster and more successful migrations for our partners.

And that's what we do. We reduce the effort, cost, and time needed to successfully migrate to Snowflake. Regardless of whether it's your first or your fiftieth migration, we will have the right engagement level to accelerate your process to Snowflake. Looking to add database migrations to Snowflake to your portfolio as an SI? Let’s partner up. Looking to accelerate data warehouse migrations that you are already conducting? Let’s partner up. Need some help completing a migration rife with hard problems? Let’s partner up, just like Snowflake Professional Services has done

So check out the Snowflake Partner Network Summit today. We'll be there. If you need a partner to deliver customers to Snowflake, then make the same choice that Snowflake made and partner up with Mobilize.Net. If you want more information on building a successful partnership with Mobilize.Net on migration to Snowflake, fill out the form on this page


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