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The Broadcom Shakeup: Now's the Time to Modernize Instead of Virtualize

by DeeDee Walsh, on Mar 2, 2024 4:12:56 PM

The ink's barely dry on Broadcom's acquisition of VMware and already the virtualization landscape is shifting pretty dramatically. Price hikes, product cuts, licensing restrictions and uncertainty about the future make VMware less and less appealing. IT leaders are scrambling - and VMware partners are panicking. But there's a better way forward.Broadcom customers

Broadcom's Playbook - Good for Them, Bad for You

Broadcom's business strategy is fairly transparent: acquire, milk for profits and crush innovation. This has been their approach with CA Technologies and Symantec and VMware is looking like it won't be the exception. Key VMware products are being slashed, the much beloved free ESXi hypervisor is no more and perpetual licenses are being replaced by expensive subscriptions. These types of changes serve Broadcom well, but they leave customers and partners reeling.

The Price You Pay for Uncertainty

Beyond the immediate financial impact, this type of motion breeds longer-term uncertainty including:

  • Stagnant innovation: Broadcom's history suggests that surviving VMware products may face less investment in the interests of maximizing profits
  • Support cuts: Smaller customer bases for niche products leads to decreased investment which leads to decreased support quality
  • Forced vendor lock-in: The SaaS subscription pivot means switching away from VMware is even more costly.

Why Modernize and Why Now?

The days of relying on virtualization as a crutch for legacy applications are numbered... And here's why upgrading your applications should be your top priority:

  • Cloud and containerization: Modernizing unlocks the agility of cloud and the efficiency of containers - something older VMware environments don't offer natively
  • App modernization, not just survival: Revamping old apps gives you a chance to add features, improve UI/UX and future-proof your tech stack
  • Avoid lock-in: Modern open source software platforms provide flexibility and a much wider range of support options compared to the closed and narrow Broadcom/VMware ecosystems.

Self Promotion Alert! GAP: Your Modernization Solution

At GAP we modernize applications. We have AI modernization tools that use semantic pattern matching to move old code to new modern code. Code modernization with GAP means:

  • Reduced risk: Automated solutions mean WAY less manual coding which means WAY less errors. Plus, in most cases it costs less than a manual rewrite
  • Agility & speed: You get your modernized applications into production much quicker
  • Expertise: We've got 30+ years of experience modernizing apps so we've got you covered.

Here's a video that explains how our AI Modernization tools work:


It's Time to Ditch Virtualization

If you thought virtualization could postpone modernization forever, Broadcom has given a loud wake-up call. While kicking the can down the road is tempting in the short term, the cost and risk are growing higher all the time. 

If you're ready to modernize or rewrite your legacy app, let us know if we can help.

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