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Proven tips for application modernization

by John Browne, on May 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Waging as we are a constant battle to make the world save for executables, we are happy to bring you yet more resources to help you join our fight.

Translation: here's a cool new ebook. 

8 Proven Tips for Planning a Successful Migration won't outsell Harry Potter and the Gobzoobles of Matterbezhan but that's only because we're giving it away. But it's a prize: a deep drill down into the best practices for successful legacy migration projects from the gazillion projects we've seen or executed directly.

8 Proven Tips for Application Migration ebook

Some of the awesomeness includes:

  • Establishing a migration order
  • Deciding how the development team should tackle issues
  • Determining how to fit in re-architecting and refactoring
  • Planning the QA cycle for quality
  • And lots more.
And because there aren't enough drones we're giving another one away (sorry--this is through Amazon and they can only work with the US and Canada). Be sure to enter the drawing before it ends on May 9.
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