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Hold Up! .NET 7 Support is Ending Soon

by DeeDee Walsh, on Apr 1, 2024 7:17:19 PM

Okay folks, if your projects rely on .NET 7, it's time for a wake up call. Microsoft just dropped the news that .NET 7 is reaching its end of support on May 14th, 2024.

What does "End of Support" really mean?

Here's the thing - once support ends, it's lights out on stuff like:

  • No more security patches: Any sneaky vulnerabilities popping up? Too bad, Microsoft won't be fixing them.
  • Nope, no tech support either: Got a weird bug due to .NET 7? They won't be able to help you out.
  • Compatibility issues will creep in: As tech evolves, sticking with an unsupported framework gets more and more risky.

Okay, I've scared you. Now what?

The big message here is to upgrade to .NET 8. Seriously, the sooner you do this, the less likely you'll experience major headaches later.

.net7 screaming

But....but...but what if I love .NET 7?

I get it. Change is hard. If you depend on a third-party app that's stuck on .NET 7, reach out to those devs and give them a nudge toward .NET 8. Change has a ripple effect.

The upgrade process - smooth or rocky?

Good news! Microsoft is doing lots to make it easy. Here are some good resources:

One more thing - Visual Studio heads up

If you're using Visual Studio 2022, starting in June 2024 the .NET 7 component is going to be marked as out of support. You'll need the new .NET 8 SDK to build .NET 6 or .NET 8 projects.

Let's wrap this up

Change is constant in our tech world, amirite? Might as well face it head-on and get your .NET projects upgraded. May 14 will be here FAST.

Let us know if you have any questions or need a migration pep talk. 

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