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What you need to know about XP end of life support

Posted by DeeDee Walsh on Sep, 24, 2013 @ 10:09

Windows XPTime is finally running out for the 500M or more people around the world who still rely on Windows XP. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will leave customers to fend for themselves as it ends all vendor support for XP. There will be no more security patches, bug fixes and free (or even paid) online assistance as the firm ends its extended support. From April 8th 2014, anyone who continues to use Windows XP will be at the mercy of hackers who find fresh ways to exploit vulnerabilities in the 12-year-old operating system and applications that run on it.

Over the years, many developers have built custom software that is business critical, yet runs only on Windows XP machines. Moving off XP before it becomes an open door for hackers means you have to migrate those apps to a contemporary platform. If you need to move your legacy apps to current versions of Windows and .NET, you have some tough decisions to make:

  • Discard it?
  • Rewrite from scratch?
  • Replace with commercial off the shelf (COTS) software?
  • Migrate to newer platform?

Understanding which apps fit each model can be challenging. At Mobilize.Net, we’ve been thinking about migrations for more than 20 years and have pulled together some thinking to help you understand your options.

Download our free ebook, “A Developer's Guide to XP End-of-life” to learn what you need to know to untether yourself from Windows XP dependencies.  Click here to download now!

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