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Best Developer Content in the Past Two Weeks | Mobilize.Net

by DeeDee Walsh, on Sep 27, 2017 2:05:19 PM

The past two weeks have offered an embarrassment of riches in technical content for developers. Whether you're interested in IoT, DevOps, Visual Studio, .NET Core or whatever... there's something for you. To help you out, the Mobilize team has created a curated list of our favorite sessions from .NET Conf 2017 and Microsoft Ignite. Please enjoy!

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#.dotNETConf 2017

Get Started with .NET Part 1 with Scott Hanselman and Kathleen Dollard

This is a great session with two .NET veterans explaining some of the basics about unit testing, multiple project solutions, building, packaging and publishing and more.

Get Started with .NET Part 2 with Scott Hanselman and Kathleen Dollard

This session continues the discussion on .NET with a look at .NET Core and the kinds of apps you can create.

Introduction to IoT with Jason DeBoever and Adrian Stevens

Learn the basics of IoT development using C# to deploy IoT solutions to Android Things and UWP IoT.

Supercharge your debugging in Visual Studio

All of us use Visual Studio a lot but we learned some new tricks from this session. Definitely worth the 50 min investment!

Diagnostics 101

What happens when you're coding and you get stuck on a seemingly impossible-to-solve issue? This session offers some good advice for how to productively move forward.



Microsoft Ignite #MSIgnite

Building innovative apps using the Microsoft Developer Platform

Great overview with great demos about everything Microsoft has going on in the developer area. Cool stuff on DevOps, mobile, cloud and more. It's exciting to be a dev right now!

DevOps for any language

This is great intro to all the products and services that help you to adopt DevOps practices. Tons of good stuff including Git, VSTS, TFS and more.

Visual Studio Code: The most useful (and underused) tips and tricks

This is a great session by Chris Dias who has been on the VS team for years and years. He talks about quick ways to customer VS Code, shows cool shortcuts and gives the true insider's view of VS. Great session.

Developing for the cloud with Visual Studio

Learn what it means to build a new application in VS designed to run in the cloud. Nice overview.

Agile planning with Visual Studio Team Services

Having a clear view on your teams backlog and in-flight work is essential with a fast moving Agile team. Planning that work so you can visualize dependencies between teams and get some idea when features will be ready is essential.

There are lots more sessions besides these, and more are coming online. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

-Mobilize team




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