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Announcing SnowConvert Assessment Tool

 Move VB.NET to C# or web

VB.NET to C#: It's not as simple as you think.

Microsoft is clear: VB.NET is not going to evolve as a language. If you've got VB.NET, and you want to fully embrace .NET Core, you need to consider migrating to C#. But the migration isn't as simple as just changing the syntax with regex. The differences between VB.NET and C# are both subtle and important. Shallow code conversion tools will create defects in the logic of your application you'll need to find and correct.

There are a variety of tools to convert VB.NET to C#, but they lack the ability to handle most of the complex and subtle syntactic differences between the two languages. Mobilize.Net's patented deep static code analysis tools solve that problem, cutting the time and effort needed to move VB.NET to C#. Get help with VB.NET.

Download our assessment tool to get some insights into your VB.NET code base.


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Mobilize.Net Testimonials

“I am very pleased with the tool and your responsiveness. I have had at least 3 other aborted efforts to convert and hundreds of man-hours wasted. To get a clean compile after only 2 days is thrilling. I suspect that with about a week of effort, I can have a working .NET equivalent app.”

- Scott Lee, President, Superior Labels