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What is the Mobilize Assessment Wizard?

The Assessment Wizard collects metadata about your legacy application, including total lines of code, comments, design lines of code, project names, and other information.

What is the data used for?

The metadata collected by the Assessment Wizard helps predict how much automation you can expect when migrating your legacy code to a new platform or language.

What's the difference between the two versions?

The "internet connection required" version collects metadata and uploads it to our secure Azure portal, where the results can be displayed in your browser. The "no internet connection required" version is useful for those cases where you do not have any internet connection on your development environment.

Do you upload my source code?

The Assessment Wizard does not upload or store any source code. You have the option of uploading a zip file of your source code AFTER the online assessment is complete to create a trial migration (WebMAP only).

What kind of projects will the Assessment Wizard work on?

Currently the Assessment Wizard can analyze two knds of projects: Visual Basic 6.0 ("VB6") and C#/Winforms/.NET projects. When the Wizard starts, choose "VBUC" for VB6 to .NET analysis or "WebMAP" for C# to HTML analysis.

How can I see the information you collect?

The Assessment Wizard creates files in a directory called "Assessment" inside your solution tree. The files are XML and/or HTML.