5 Myths About Modernizing Code

Thinking about rewriting your legacy apps to make them more modern? You'll learn how code quality is affected by automated migration tools, how time and money you can save and how automation helps slash training costs. 

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HIPAA / HITECH Compliance Risks with Visual Basic 6.0

Legacy software is very likely to not be HIPAA-compliant. Read about the precautions you need to take to ensure full compliance.

How to select an automatic VB to .NET migration product

Customers have many choices for software migrations depending on which optimization is required. This article shows the criteria that should be analyzed when considering the acquisition of a migration product.
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Migrating Away From Compliance Quicksand

This white paper considers the latest developments regarding SOX compliance and explains how organizations can ensure ongoing certification by migrating legacy finance applications to a modern IT platform.
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Fast Track to Software Modernization

 Legacy software applications are valuable assets. Most CIO’s and CEO’s know this, in spite of the fact that today’s balance sheets rarely show their real value. Typically, large investments in intellectual capital have been embedded in the legacy systems, but more often than not, those investments have been booked as expenses.
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