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Our Pricing

Cost is determined by the number of lines of code, the target platform, number and complexity of components. Flexible service options for tasks like mobile optimization, web services development, and more are available. Costs below are estimates based on past projects migrating VB6 applications to C# or VB.Net. 



A typical small project is usually a line of business application such as an expense reporting tool. Small projects have these attribute: 
Less than 50K lines of code
Up to 25 forms/screens
Fewer than 20 components (*.ocx, *.dll, etc.)

License Only: $1,200-6,000
Full Service: $15,000-75,000


Medium-sized projects are developed for wide deployment across the enterprise. Medium-sized projects have these attributes: 
50K-250K lines of code (LOC)
50-200 forms/screens
20-50 components (*.ocx, *.dll, etc.)

License Only: $15,000-57,000
Full Service: $100,000-350,000



Large projects are deployed across many users and locations and often have large SQL or Oracle databases. Large projects have these attributes: 
More than 250K lines of code
More than 200 forms/screens
More than 20 components (*.ocx, *.dll, etc.)

License Only: $30,000+
Full Service: $350,000+


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